A client of ours, a software company, provides an all-in-one software solution that allows agencies to better manage projects, media, billing, and finance functions, including payables. Although Advantage specializes in the advertising industry, their clients share concerns that span all industries – the need to automate bill payments.The President of the Software Company learned about Thryft Advisors Paysystems and their virtual card solution at a time when client demand was growing. “When I learned that our clients could pay vendors with virtual cards, and receive a rebate just by paying their bills, the system sounded far superior to other electronic payment enhancements we’d made in the past. I knew our clients would love the added service, and I was confident that CSI would treat our clients as we treat them – with exceptional service and full attention.”


The software integration was a highly collaborative development process, taking into consideration client wants and needs. “Thryft Advisors technology team listened and moved at a pace that we were all comfortable with.” The integration took a phased approach, initially enabling users to process virtual credit card payments through the Advantage Payment Manager module. This first phase also included simple tools for uploading payment files to Thryft Advisors Paysystems and for importing cleared credit card payments. As the system proved itself and client understanding grew, the partners embarked upon a deeper integration to simplify the user experience and maximize vendor participation. These further enhancements allow customers to complete payment transactions without leaving the check writing application. Vendors are simply flagged for virtual credit card payments, seamlessly processed through Thryft Advisors, and cleared “We have many partnerships, but the partnership with Thryft Advisors is the deepest system integration we have ever done. I have complete trust and confidence in our ability to continually grow our business, our customer loyalty, and our innovative service offerings with Thryft Advisors partnership.”


Adoption by end-users isn’t a hard sell. “Our clients can automate a payment that previously required ten steps. Not only is the new service completely free for our clients, it simplifies their jobs and delivers a rebate every month. Our clients are happy with the benefits, and with the level of support they receive directly from Thryft Advisors.”Thryft Advisors integration partners benefit from a shared revenue model which delivers rewards based on the volume of card spend running through the program. For the software company, here were the benefits: “Through the Thryft Advisors partnership, we’ve brought additional value to our software system which aids in the sale of new systems and further development. Our clients are thrilled with a newfound revenue stream that pays for their software investment and more.”


Advantage Clients

Gain access to innovative new payment offerings, leveraging the benefits of virtual card payments

Experience high vendor acceptance of Thryft Advisors payments, which results in greater card spend volume

Greatly simplify work processes with full payment automation through software integration

Experience superior customer support and expertise provided by Thryft Advisors

Generate new revenue every month through cash back rewards based on virtual card transactions

Easily identify opportunities to convert non-accepting vendors and continually grow card spend – and the resulting rebate revenue – through Paysystems

Enhanced portfolio of innovative new payment products to offer clients

Software development partner helps to keep the company at the forefront of payment innovation and proactive in meeting client needs

Confidence and trust that clients will be fully supported with superior service

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