Credit Card Fees

The payments industry is complex. Interchange fees are the largest component of your cost to accept credit card payments and are set by the payment card brands. These fees are the wholesale merchant account rates for the various types of credit card transactions. There are hundreds of interchange rates, which vary based on payment card brand, payment card type (credit, debit, specialty), merchant category code, amount of transaction being processed, and the amount of data being passed through as the payment is processed. The schedule of Interchange Fees are reissued in April and October of each year.

We help you navigate the complexity and reduce payment processing expenses using our proven strategies to identify and correct areas of overspend on merchant services as well as provide transparency to merchant fees and statements. We work on your behalf, provide ongoing analysis and monthly reports that ensure accurate billing and identify realized savings. And, you can stay with your existing merchant service provider. Creating simple, efficient, and economical merchant payment processing solutions through maximum transparency and measurable results.

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