Expense Reduction

Copier Printer Lease Audits

Copier & Printer Charges

Our research shows that 98% of all leases have excessive costs and waste that erode profits and funds that could be put to better use. We have a proven track record renegotiating bad contracts and creating “found money” with savings often seen within less than 45 days. It all starts with a free snapshot analysis and lease review report card that we develop using advanced analytics to minimize time and eliminate guess-work. We use this framework to help businesses of all sizes find money in

Credit Card Processing Fee Audit

Credit Card Fees

The payments industry is complex. Interchange fees are the largest component of your cost to accept credit card payments and are set by the payment card brands. These fees are the wholesale merchant account rates for the various types of credit card transactions. There are hundreds of interchange rates, which vary based on payment card brand, payment card type (credit, debit, specialty), merchant category code, amount of transaction being processed, and the amount of data being passed through

Parcel Audit

Parcel Shipping Bills

Mistakes made by your parcel carriers are dollars lost from your bottom line. But the true mistake is in thinking those dollars are lost forever. With our proven parcel auditing and intelligence technology, we can offer you a no-risk, high reward opportunity to recover these dollars. We help audit and analyze your shipping processes to uncover opportunities to tap into your savings based on unfulfilled parcel company promises. And then we help prevent them from happening again. Through parcel


Shipping & Freight Platform

Although a company's shipping costs may consume five to ten percent of their annual revenue, few companies have the time or tools to effectively manage this expense. Shipping carriers have made this process unnecessarily complex, leading to overspending on shipping and a competitive disadvantage. We've changed the game…introducing a cutting-edge shipping execution platform, at no cost to our clients who qualify, combined with exclusive rates and cost savings strategies that they cannot find

Waste Audit

Waste & Recycle Bills

Waste disposal is necessary. Everyone needs it. And there are many companies who overcharge for this service. You could be losing thousands of dollars on your waste disposal bill and not even know it. Find out if you've been overcharged. We identify hidden overcharges and produce refunds, credits and cost reduction opportunities. With this service we can eliminate needless costs in your waste disposal bill by analyzing your services and applying our expertise and knowledge of the industry. You

Wireless Audit

Wireless Bills

While telecommunications and cell phone spend represents a relatively small spend level, it is important to only pay for the service levels you need. Carrier representatives are incentivized to grow their revenue and don’t always provide you with the most cost effective solutions. We specialize in lowering your phone bills based on assessing your usage pattern, applying our industry insights to save you typically between 25-33% on your phone services on an ongoing basis. Our experts have held

Workers Comp

Worker’s Comp Premium

Workers’ compensation insurance is a major business expense. It is also incredibly complex. In most states there are over 700 approved classification codes with interpretation of classifications varying from state to state. It is virtually impossible for a business to know all the rules and regulations governing these codes which often results in overcharges. In our experience, 7 out of 10 companies have overpaid on their policies and may still be overpaying today. This is true regardless of

Zero Cost Processing

Zero Cost Card Processing

Zero-Cost Processing (ZCP) is a service designed to reduce the cost of credit card acceptance to zero-net-cost by adding a surcharge paid by the consumer. New rules that became effective January 27, 2013 allow merchants to impose a fee for the use of credit cards. This a fully compliant solution to take advantage of the new regulations which allow merchants to pass along credit card processing fees to consumers. Merchants are not permitted to impose a fee for the use of debit cards. Our patent-

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