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Virtual Card Payments

Accounts Payable Automation

Many organizations pay their vendors with paper checks or ACH transfers. Checks are inefficient, costly and not secure. And 70% or more of vendor payments are still processed via check. ACH payments cost less and are more secure, but limited in data exchange. And neither of these payment methods generates revenue. The Virtual Payment technology we use is significantly more efficient and faster than checks or ACH, and it generates substantial revenue just from paying your vendors. This solution

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Class Action Claims

One of our biggest service additions has become one of the best ways to help your business obtain your fair share of antitrust class action recoveries. We provide specialized class action settlement claims consulting services that includes notification of settlements in which you may be eligible; performing research to assure that all appropriate parts of your operation are included in the claim process; providing advice on what, if any, documents need to be collected. When documents are

Employee HealthCare Savings

Employee Health Benefits Billing Transparency

Employee health benefits ranks as the 2nd largest expense for the average employer, second only to payroll.  And the rising cost of employee health benefits is the number one issue, or problem employers are facing today.  We have a healthcare billing problem in the United States.  The price for medical services and the price of prescription drugs, depends on how much can be extracted from you, or from your health plan, and you have no idea how much the bill is going to be until after services

utility auction

Gas & Electric Bills

Energy deregulation in the U.S. makes it possible to lower the cost of gas and electricity in many states from your supplier. Savings potential of up to 20% are possible through an easy enrollment process that has flexible terms, no switching fees and most importantly no interruption of service. There are no maintenance or hidden fees. Delivery and maintenance will continue to be the responsibility of your local public utility. Our reverse auction process lets you analyze past usage data to

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Same Day Pay Employee Digital Wallet

Instant Pay for hourly workers is a company sponsored third-party employee benefit program specifically designed for the hourly worker at NO COST to the employer and requires NO INTEGRATION to payroll systems. With unemployment at historic lows, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain top talent. Offering instant access to earned wages is a benefit that can build loyalty with your hourly workers, and give you a competitive edge in recruiting top talent.  Employers with hourly

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