Waste & Recycle Bills

Waste disposal is necessary. Everyone needs it. And there are many companies who overcharge for this service. You could be losing thousands of dollars on your waste disposal bill and not even know it. Find out if you've been overcharged. We identify hidden overcharges and produce refunds, credits and cost reduction opportunities. With this service we can eliminate needless costs in your waste disposal bill by analyzing your services and applying our expertise and knowledge of the industry. You will receive a clear and concise disposal bill assessment.

We know your waste outsourcing needs are unique and will deliver a thorough evaluation of your waste stream to create the best solution for your company. We also will contract the best companies for you along with partners for solid waste, medical waste and recycling to ensure that you are receiving the best price from those vendors and we will handle the entire contract process for you from start to finish. Most property managers and owners lack the time and expertise required to effectively audit these accounts, nor do they realize overcharges exist.

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