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While telecommunications and cell phone spend represents a relatively small spend level, it is important to only pay for the service levels you need. Carrier representatives are incentivized to grow their revenue and don’t always provide you with the most cost effective solutions. We specialize in lowering your phone bills based on assessing your usage pattern, applying our industry insights to save you typically between 25-33% on your phone services on an ongoing basis. Our experts have held positions with major wireless carriers working on pricing strategies.

We understand and apply our industry knowledge to save you time by assessing your most recent phone bills and presenting a recommendation for the optimum plan to adopt for each phone and how much the changes will save your company. It also includes a detailed letter explaining the strategy. After you review the recommendation, one of our auditors will have a brief discussion with you and then we will implement the changes on your behalf. Best of all we will continue to monitor your bills each month to update you on usage, new plan options and potential savings opportunities.

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