Imagine a multi-mode, multi-carrier shipping software solution specializing in parcel and LTL transportation. This software allows businesses to streamline, automate, and optimize processes within their shipping environment.The business logic layer assists in managing the complexities of even the most dynamic shipping environments.Managing multiple modes and carriers within a single system allows for ease of tracking, as well as reporting and analytics.When multiple carriers are being utilized, our software can optimize carrier selection in real time based on lowest cost, transit time, or any combination of the two.In total, our software functionality gives business’ the tools they need to improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously saving upwards of 15 percent on their transportation spend. This system is carrier agnostic and can be configured with any number of specialized, regional, parcel, or LTL carriers with direct API connections generating up-to-the-minute rates based on the shipper’s existing rates, third party rates, or SHIPSTORE rates. SHIPSTORE rates are based on the aggregate volume of our existing customer base. We can provide a no-cost analysis to identify potential savings, commonly in the range of 10-15%. SHIPSTORE is a built to suit solution. Contact us today to explore the details of your individualized shipping solution.

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